Wargaming.net Can't download from update servers Arch

I did an OS change from Zorin OS to Arch. Everything seems to be working fine except I can’t seem to get Wargaming Game Center for World of Tanks and World of Warships to install. I get as far as the launcher launching to do it’s download and then get an error that says can’t reach the Http update servers. I am running other stuff like Epic Game Launcher in Lutris and it is working just fine. It did work under Zorin so I know there should be a path around this but I am stumped. Has anyone else seen this issue?

I’m having the same issue while using Manjaro Gnome 21.0.7. Has anyone found a work around? The only reason I’m still using Windows 10 is because of this darn game. I would love to ditch Windows and go full Linux. Please help…

Here’s the thing about Arch distros. You may not have all the 64 and 32 bit dependencies installed, needed for all the applications and games that you might use through Lutris.

A good place to start is to install wine-staging distro packages to blast on most of the dependencies.

Typically things like lib32-gnutls, lib32-libldap, lib32-libgpg-error are also common reasons that game clients don’t work correctly.