Warframe: re-installing without re-downloading

It seems like the Warframe Lutris installer is changing every day at this point. I’ve not yet been successful at getting it running under DXVK, so I figured maybe I should re-install.

But it would be nice if I didn’t have to re-download the 24 GB in Downloaded/Public/Cache.Windows.

Is there a way to copy in my existing Downloaded/Public folder during the installation instead of re-downloading it all?

(Ubuntu 18.04 + nvidia)

Yes, the original poster, GloriousEggroll, suggests backing up your game data (the Downloaded folder) and trying it again. He even mentions in one of his videos that he starts the update process, closes the game, copies the folders and then starts it up again so that the game recognizes the files.

The only time I wouldn’t do it was if I didn’t trust my Downloaded folder was good.