Warframe no sound [SOLVED]

HI All,

my problem is i can hear only the sound of the shoots and i can’t hear anything else. i am using the last dxvk build (0.90 and wine esync-staging-pba-3.18-x86_64) i also tried with the last version of wine .i tried to fix it in the game configuration but nothing.
i tried to run the game from windows 10 from the same installation and the sound works perfectly .
thx for your help .

First of all, how was the game installer? Which script did you use?

Before trying the follow steps, try using DXVK 0.81 and report if audio stays the same.

Probably unrelated, but you have to go with TKG wine to have DXVK 0.90 work properly (apparently).

Go on Lutris>Manage Runners scroll down to wine manage versions, download tkg-3.19

It contains a patched staging+esync+etc version of wine. Have that be your main warframe version. Go to your Warframe folder, there should be a launcher.sh or updater.sh file. Open it up, search for WINE (ctrl+f or whatever way). There should be a WINE/WINE_CMD or whatever environment variable (as well as a WINE64 variable). Change it to the one you just downloaded. For example, it should be similar to:

WINE_CMD = /home/YOURUSERNAME/./local/share/lutris/runners/wine/tkg-3.19-x86_64/bin/wine

Search for WARFRAME_EXE variable and make sure it’s warframe.exe, not warframe.x64.exe. The 64-bit version has a few problems with sound, afaik.

If this still doesn’t solve the problem, enable all sorts of debugging on Lutris and start it with

lutris -d

then see if you can find any sound error.

Another possible solution is to install the xact winetrick in your Warframe prefix and adding xaudio2_7(native,builtin) to the dll override list. This step should be made when you use the given install script.

the game was downloaded from steam .
i added xaudio2_7(native,builtin) as you said and the sound is back it work perfectly THANK U SOO MUCH <3 am still rununing it on X64 tho but i didn’t test everything yet .

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You may edit the issue with [SOLVED] on the title ^^.

When you say you “downloaded from steam”, you mean you used the Steam script on this page, right? https://lutris.net/games/warframe/

Just confirming because of other posts in this forum where people asked for help and installed the game all by themselves.

The 64-bit version seems to work fine, but will suddenly give Evolution Engine Errors due to sound. People are investigating and pointing the 64-bit version of xact (xaudio2_7) to be to blame.

If you get these errors, the workaround is to switch to 32-bit version. Cheers!

no i installed the native official steam for linux and i installed the game from it then i installed lutris build from here https://lutris.net/games/warframe/ and am running the game with it .
now with on 64-bit xaudio2_7(native,builtin) and xact installed sound is working fine .

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To be clear, native (linux) steam has nothing to do with how Lutris handles this specific game. It should download its own Steam installer, install with Wine (making it ‘work on windows’) and then do the rest.

There’s a Steam Play version that uses native Linux in this guide, by the same author as the person who made the Lutris script you’re using, GloriousEggroll

For some reason, I cannot get sound to work on my end, same issue with only the shooting sounds but overriding xaudio2_7 does not help.

Which version are you configuring? Standalone, WineSteam or Steam Play?

Do you have winetricks xact installed in your prefix?

Are you trying to run 32 bit (Warframe.exe) or 64 bit (Warframe.x64.exe) Warframe?

I had success in running standalone version in the past with a modified script and I’m using Steam Play version at the moment (with an attached controller).

The audio started crackling after some time, but changing a line in /etc/pulse/default.pa helped a bit

load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

instead of

load-module module-udev-detect

(apparently it makes the sound interfaces not run in power saving mode)
The best version to try Warframe seems to be the 32-bit version because of xaudio. In my setup, the game still crackles a bit after heavy play, but goes back to normal after a while.