Warframe no longer works

Hi there, the problem is that whenever Warframe has an update (which is quite often) It refuses to work after the update. The workaround i have found for this is annoying and long - I have to cut the downloaded folder out of Warframe, delete Warframe, and reinstall. When I am asked to run the game again, I have to merge the old downloaded folder with the new one.

Now however, after the latest update, which I tried to install today, I did the workaround like normal, but when i went to reinstall it, the first download, and installation, doesn’t seem to take long enough, then when I am asked to launch the game, I merge the two folders, only to find the new downloaded folder is in a different location, so I think “okay fine” and merge them in the new location, only now instead of going to the black wine window that looks like a terminal, it starts running a process in Xterm, and begins downloading stuff at a much faster rate than normal, gets to around 50%, and gives up. Also along the way, it says it cannot find many files that are clearly there… Please help someone!!!.

Also if anyone can find a less time consuming workaround for each time Warframe updates, that would be helpful too.

If this helps, I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 (not my idea)

i cant install it on Manjaro it says OSError(5, 'Eingabe-/Ausgabefehler')
the installer at 11/2017-1/2018 worked

yeah the same installer worked for me too. is there a way to switch installers?

Eggroll is working on it. It’s not ready yet though.

Okay thanks…just one question…who is Eggroll? XD

The maintainer of the script and creator of the Warframe Linux launcher. https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/warframe-linux

It should be good to install now. :slight_smile:

Okay trying it now, thanks. Also if you see this thanks eggroll, for being awesome with this game!!!

Good news it works now, thanks! XD

Okay, new problem, im guessing with the updater:

it updates like normal, then stops with:

curl: (56) Recv faliure: Connection reset by peer

I’ve checked to see if curl is out dated, its not and im running the latest version, so what is going on?

I should mention that the updater did not work originally, so I tried a re-install and then this happened

how i can chance the game language with this console launcher?

The updater seems to get to 100% so, i think its now actually an issue with the game itself, the last two things it says are:

curl: (56) Recv faliure: Connection reset by peer
unlzma: (stdin): File format not recognised

this is it word for word, because I am unable to copy and paste this…someone please help!

New bug now…:

doesn’t load, I ran it in a terminal and:

C:\Program Files\Warframe>title Warframe Linux Game Launcher

C:\Program Files\Warframe>cmd /C start /b /wait “” updater.exe
/home/craftygeek/Games/warframe/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Warframe/updater.exe: line 4: xterm: command not found

I can’t edit the updater.exe or even open it so I have no idea what the unknown command is?
please help someone

Install xterm: sudo apt install xterm

yeah fixed it a while ago and forgot to say thx

I get Error “Couldn’t set up Steam data - please contact technical support”

I also tried on the wine-steam client in case. It installs but cannot launch.


are you using the steam installer? Cause I used the plain wine installer and it works fine.
I am however using Solus now. What distro are you using?