Warframe mouse view problem

Total update progress: 0% Downloading: /Cache.Windows/F.TextureDx9.cache

update. stops every time on 1200gb - 2300gb downloaded… so terminal cant restart dowload like torrent ? im nab sorry.

update!!! all dowload fine on 5th try the game works fine.

update : now have problem with mouse - it seems the game think i run it on “window mode” on tmk like that and the cursor is locked on wheard derections, so i cant move it on higher then 180 degres (cant watch what is on the back) in warframe is critical to see what happend on 360 degres of you, some one can help me with this bug?

Are you using a virtual desktop? Open Wine config, go to the Graphics tab, and enable Automatically capture mouse in fullscreen.

where it is ? on warframe options ? or in somtng different ? give me derections where i need to watch

upd. i get tit but now i have a fps problem… its like 9-12 FPS and i cant set the resolution (its locked on 2560X1080) i need 1600x900 and full screen… how ?

Up! cant set the different (2560X1080) resolution… some one can help ?