Warframe Installer creation is restricted

Why is warframe installer creation restricted? Its been like this for quite some time.

Too many people try editing working installers and end up breaking them so some mods restrict installers. There will be a way to just restrict individual installers, rather than the entire page, so if you want to fork, edit, or make a new one you’ll be able to do that some time soon.

Basically @cxf said, I’ll also add that changes for locked games should be discussed in detail with the maintainer. We lock games that satisfy all these requirements:

  • They break easily and often with updates (LoL, Warframe, WoW, …)
  • They have an experienced maintainer (for Warframe, you’ll want to talk to @GloriousEggroll)
  • They are very popular, moderating changes becomes a burden
  • The current installer is known to work for most configurations
  • Contributions are mostly from inexperienced users and break the installer more often than not.

Any change to the installer can still be requested and if approved will be added by a moderator.

good joke…


at least it was “just” an issue with the lutris version i used (apparently execute was broken in the latest release) and upgrading seemed to help a bit. still some issues but those i can sort out.

I think the Warframe Installer has to be updated! I had troubles that were fixed by other install/run scripts.

The basis (installing, updating, winetricks) seems pretty solid, but something is broken. It kept giving me Evolution Engine errors before login screen, whereas another script ran just fine.

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