Warframe install through lutris script not working

i’ll start by saying that i’m quite new to linux, and warframe is the first game i’m trying to install through lutris, as my attempt to get the game to work through steam failed (game kept getting stuck in the loading screen, couldn’t even log in), when i click install through the site (Warframe - Lutris), i get prompted with an install popup from the app, which i confirm and then i get asked to select an install directory. after this step, i simply get nothing… it closes after a couple of minutes and i can’t find anything that’s been done by this magical installer.
thanks to anyone that’s willing to help :slight_smile:
here’s a screenshot of the install at the step where it simply stops:

Hello, what is your Lutris version?

hey, it’s

Your Lutris version is too old and now non functionnal.
You should use a debian like distribution like Ubuntu right?
You can download more recent version here:

…and it started downloading after i installed a newer version. note to self: always check for newer stable versions :slight_smile: thank you very much for your help. hopefully the game runs after it finishes downloading all the files it needs. again, thank you very much

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