Warframe Evolution error (again)


I’ve installed Warframe here and runs like a charm, but today after upload the launcher theres a crash with evolution error, I’ve this problem in playonlinux too and I have no ideia how to fix it, anyone have any ideia what happen and how to fix this, its a great game but looks like this will only work on windows

I don’t know if it is your problem or not, but I also had Warframe crash on me today (before the launcher could pop up). The problem was, that the bat file did not wait for the wget command. The wget command downloads the msi file, but before the download finishes the next steps are executed. While downloading, the msi file exists (but is incomplete) therefore Warframe.exe is executed, which fails because of the incomplete msi file. My solution was to comment (put REM before the line) the deletion and download steps in the launcher-bat file.

Hope it helps

@tuxtergames i used the installer today for a fresh install with no issues. never seen that evolution error

@pyro4hell the REM checks every 10 seconds to see if warframe.msi exists. you could set this from 10 to 60 to allow it to complete downloading, as it could be just continuing the script after a partial download. all it does is check to see if it exists, not to see if the download has completed, so that could be why

Thanks for reply, it’s possible past here one copy of your launcher-bat file, its a litle confuse for me

@GloriousEggroll I’m trying to reinstall here again and delete my warframe folder but looks like the script fails to download the warframe.msi , here’s the log of warframe

thanks for your help

@GloriousEggroll theres a weird thing happens here, cause Iin my fedora 26 its happens the same thing them ubuntu 16.04, the script starts and 34/35% its stop and game quit, if I execute Launcher.exe directly inside the Tools folder the launcher goes but there an error in evolution like I told you , I don’t know why but I can’t run the game using the Lutris Shortcut that executing Warframe-Launcher.bat, I apreciate a Litle help here, I’ll left my fedora log.

fedora log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25851622/

your download speed is too slow for the launcher. It’s detecting that warframe.msi exists and trying to run it before it finishes downloading, like i said in my first post. open warframe-launcher.bat and change

ping -n 10 > nul

to something like

ping -n 60 > nul

Thanks for reply, you tip solve the problem here for download the launcher and I made two tests here, one in fedora works great and another in Ubuntu, but unfortunately Ubuntu crash every time with evolution screen (look link bellow), I try to change Dx10/11 untick 64bit, without success, I’ll left my log here if Anyone have any ideia what happens I"ll appreciate a lot.

Ubuntu log error: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/rrL7ak9CgBUVw6vnMPSOPw

Evolution error:

sent you a pull request to have the launcher be download-speed independent :slight_smile:

this should be fixed by updating the script wget.exe

wget -O ${4}.tmp $3
mv ${4}.tmp ${4}

I have never encountered the evolution problem

perfect, merged! Thanks!

don’t mess with 64 bit or dx10/11. make sure you have wine and its dependencies installed.

the game needs to be in 32 bit dx10 mode only. dx11 runs more choppy and 64 bit can crash when trying to load textures. messing with these flags also messes with the download. The launcher is specified to download dx10 mode only.

I’ve merged pyro’s changes and they should immediately take effect on any reinstall.

Ok thanks, tomorow I’ll check the configs, my internet is not the best but I’ve 10mb here, I think its not a problem to play other games, anyway, I can play my games online without a poblem with a good ping, I’ll check it again and post a feedback here, thanks for now"

I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to explain. Anyway, try to re-run the installer. The download detection issue has been resolved.

Hi Again, Now its working great!!!

Running in Ubuntu and Fedora without any erros, tks for for your patience and everytinhg!

Okay Im now getting an evolution error, it loads about 2/3 of the way, at start (really slowly, much slower than usual) then crashes with an evolution error.

would like this to get solved please