Warframe Downloaded folder disappears

for the last week when starting Warframe through Lutris the black launcher.bat starts, it seems to update all files, but when the launcher window opens a wine “Browse files” window opens where one can select where to install Warframe. At this point the Downloaded folder is deleted.
I now have a copy of the game files. It’s either that or download 20GB every other day

has someone else the same problem?

There was an issue with some of the necessary files for warframe.exe missing as well as an error in the registry for the launcher location. This should be resolved as of today:

Please try running the warframe installer again, and replace your “Downloaded” folder afterwards with your backed up game files one. (keep a backup just in case).

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Hello, at least for me, this problem continues everytime I try to launch warframe, well, sometimes it works, sometimes the files are just missing :frowning:

I’ve updated the game with a new launcher that completely replaces the official warframe launcher.

For myself, I had to move the contents of the warframe-linux-master to the preceding folder to get it to launch/ update/ download.
I haven’t successfully had the game launch yet, as the error log shows too many arguments.
I’m using Debian, but I would suggest a script change for success.

Luckily the “Downloaded” folder hasn’t disappeared.