Warframe Crashes on Ceres/any level with rain

Right now assuming gpu shennnanagins but even on the inside where said rain isn’t visible game basicaly hard locks.

Ideas other than ‘do something other than use lutris you dummy’

Turn off sound ingame completely. If this fixes your problems then an upgrade to use latest FAudio is recommended

The weird thing is it’s inconsistent. It can crash immediately, a few minutes in, or even as I head to extraction.

Unfortunately plains of eidolon also seem to cause it to crash.

Can you monitor your memory usage during that? There’s a possibility you’re running out of memory. Are you using the 64-bit client? That can solve this issue.

Also try to use DXVK 0.96, it seems to be working smoothly for both nvidia and amd cards.

My problem with your constant ‘use the eggroll client i modified!’ solution is it explicitly uses the 32bit client which is going to be depreciated along with dx9 this week. So while i appreciate the knowledge you bring to the table, until Eggroll explicitly supports 64 bit, it’s a dead option as far as I’m concerned.

64bit is the only supported way for all the warframe-on-linux scripts. The script explicitly uses the 64bit client. So does Lutris and the Steamplay version. Please provide more info what you have already tried, which system you are using, your hardware specs. Basically everything that could help me help you.

Please keep keep civil. I know crashing Games are a real pain, but I’m providing tech support in my spare time. I’m only doing it because I love Warframe and Linux and I’d like a bigger Linux user base

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And this is what i get for trusting the github text instead of looking at the script. I stand corrected. Thank you.

Just to be sure: the warframe-linux repo did move from Github to Gitlab. The Github repo is not updated anymore

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