Warframe black textures

I followed the installation guide to install warframe, closed the launcher after it patched, I got an error that it can’t find the executable or something like that. I can’t launch warframe from lutris however when i search warframe in my applications i can launch it from there. After the game loaded I could log in and move my character it runs fine, only that the textures are black. (Here’s a screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet)
I have manajro 21.3.2, Nvidia 1080 card with offical latest drivers.
Wine version is lutris ge-proton 7-16-86x_64
Also I installed vulkan 32bit as the 2nd step says it could cause errors if you dont have it.
If you need more info comment it and I will provide it.

Hey, did you ever solve this, I got the exact same issue.