Warcraft Reboot while watching video

Running a new setup Ryzen 3600 with X570 motherboard and an old workhorse Radeon 7870 GPU (pitcairn). After setting everything up I ran into a issue. If Warcraft is running and you open a browser (chrome or Firefox) the computer will freeze then reboot after an amount of time of playing (usually about 5 minutes). This also occurs if only the Blizzard app is running. Everything worked fine in the older system with the same 7870. Steam games run fine with video running and running Warcaft with the browser open to a webpage causes no problems it is only the Warcraft/video combination that causes a freeze and reboot. I have tried both the stable and unstable Padoka drivers 19.1 and 19.2 respectively.

None of the system logs I have checked indicate a problem that I can see. This has become a perplexing issue and I have ran out of troubleshooting ideas and I would like to hear if anyone else has the same problem. Other than this issue everything else on the new computer runs without a hitch. FYI the Ole 7870 will be replaced soon but what is more fun than troubleshooting old hardware?