Warcraft III has very bad performance

Hi folks!

I have no idea when exactly this happened, but my Warcraft III Frozen Throne has very poor performance for my setup

It worked superfine before that, mentioning I have an i7-4790k and a GTX 1080, which is overkill for this game. Now when going ingame, I don’t get nearly the FPS I should get. Even the menus are choppy and lack FPS. What the fuck went wrong for me?

I checked the Lutris install scripts and looked into my installation - it should be exactly what is stated in the scripts: system WINE (staging-3.9) and one registry key set

What can I do to investigate this problem further?

I mean, it’s not that it gets laggy with many units, it’s choppy all the time, I’d say around 15-20 FPS. It doesn’t matter if therer are thousands of units for none at all, it’s the same shitty performance all the time

Running on an updated Arch Linux

I don’t have it. So I can’t check. But from quickly reading the installer, it seems it switches to OpenGL. Perhaps you can try to set it back to DX9 (is that a thing in that game?), and then use the pba-3.9-firerat runner.

doesn’t seem to solve the problem :frowning:

EDIT: Commando back! Really seems to solve the problem! I’m going to investigate this problem further, but for now it runs perfectly again!

From quick read, it seems it is a dx8.1 game. Not sure if they updated to dx9…


Could be command line switches.

Wait, what happened? What does “Commando back” mean? What did you end up doing to solve your problem?

that’s a failed attempt to translate the german phrase “Kommando zurueck!”, which would translate literally to “disregard the previous command” in a military sense, and as a saying just translates to “nevermind” essentially.

Yep, totally what I meant :slight_smile:

So what I’ve done is basically removed/renamed the registry key (not sure if this is necessary!) and used the pba-3.9-firerat WINE version

UPDATE: Was choppy and laggy again. I re-added the registry key for OpenGL and now it works perfectly again. I don’t know if this is the solution (WITH regkey and pba-3.9-firebat) or if it’s a “get lucky on the third game start” thing

Can’t test it too much now, investigate further on time

Since PBA has nothing to do with OpenGL, the 2 are completely unrelated.Seems to be something that happens when you start the game.

I have no idea what going on, I’m just jumping in to mention that I used to play Warcraft III on my FTP server in Wine around 2004 (and it ran very well).

I made sure that the game still runs ok with Staging 3.9 and it does.

A wild guess, try right clicking the game entry in Lutris, then Wine Configuration -> Staging and enable VAAPI instead of CSMT for GPU decoding and/or set your wine to Windows XP

EDIT: I have installed Warcraft III Frozen Throne and it seems to run well on my machine with the setting I have told you to do.

Still haven’t encountered issues for now. I guess I just played with the prefix and forgot to set something back…

So as stated above, simple as it is: with registry key and anything staging it runs. So the installer for now is perfectly fine