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Warcraft III digital edition



I can no more install Warcraft III digital edtion. I downloaded the latest installer version from Blizzard (I bought the game online).

Someone has better result than me?

I report this bug on Wine where you could read more details:


Hi [legluondunet,
Did you install the How I got Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and Frozen Thrones to install and work was.
1.Download the installer from blizards website.
2.I installed inside lutris.
3.Copy file you downloaded in step 1 to the wine prefix.
4.Then I right clicked on that and selected run EXE inside wine prefix. Choose the file coped in step 3.
Hope this helps.


Thank you, it works.
Just a detail but you don’t need to copy the file to your wine prefix.
I would like to know what dll or other components Lutris installed for Warcraft III finally proceed to install.
We didn’t need that tweak before, using a wine-staging version was enough.


More than that, I can no more launch warcraft-III-launcher.exe directly, I have to launch new first, I let him open. Then I can launch warcraft-III-launcher.exe to verify or install updates.