Warcraft - 3D accelerator card is not supported

I’ve been running WoW in Lutris with Vulkan for a couple of months without incident until yesterday. The Battle.netlauncher runs fine, but when I try to launch WoW, the game crashes with a popup that says “Your 3D accelerator card is not supported by World of Warcraft. For more information please see https://us.battle.net/support/en/artcle/world-of-warcraft-system-requirements”. I can get the game to run if I disable dxvk and enable esync, or if I enable PBA_ENABLE = 1, but these options make the graphics performance terrible - unplayably so. I tried each of the old versions of dxvk, but this either results in an outright crash, or the same popup as before.

Any notion of what might be going on here, and more importantly, how I might fix it?


Update: I just installed the latest lutris launcher and am using wine version tkg-3.21.-x86_64 (default) with DXVK v0.94 but get the same error.