Warcraft 3 reforged - terrible fps in menus/system freezes

HI. uber noob to linux here

I installed warcraft 3 reforged succesfully using your page here on lutris. installation was succesful, but on the menu FPS is just plain awful and often freezes up my whole system for 30 seconds at a time. once im in game there is no porblem, but if i freeze during a game starting it usually results in me dropping.

anyway here is what you requested in your sticky.
1.Ubuntu Pastebin
2.Ubuntu Pastebin

  1. Ubuntu Pastebin

edit: these lines seem to be where the eror occurs but i am not sure
[0219/105112.609:ERROR:dxva_video_decode_accelerator_win.cc(1397)] DXVAVDA fatal error: could not LoadLibrary: msmpeg2vdec.dll: Module not found. (0x7E)
[0219/105112.612:ERROR:dxva_video_decode_accelerator_win.cc(1405)] DXVAVDA fatal error: could not LoadLibrary: msvproc.dll: Module not found. (0x7E)

I don’t know if that’s causing your freezing (it would cause intro and possibly embedded videos to not play) but evidently your game needs the Microsoft “Media Foundation” libraries. Some games actually need the libraries extracted from Microsoft cabinet files, not the reverse engineered ones. Apparently that’s an Unreal Engine 5 remaster, so yeah.

thanks for the reply. my psu died yesterday and need to wait for a replacement until friday :(. i will post results when my computer is up and running again.