Warcraft 3 Reforged is a bit dark

Hi Guys. First thing I wanted to say: really good that we can play the good games on linux now as well :smile: . But I have a little issue in Reforged. I can start it and it works quite ok. Its a bit laggy but thats ok. My bigger proplem is the contrast. It seems to be very dark and the lightness of my laptop is on full. Is there anything I can change? In the settings of the game itself there is nothing. Is there a code that changes that maybe? (If there is, how do I implement that code than?)

Ah. And maybe thats another thing. It’s about the dxvk/dx9k. I cannot enable them in the options. I click save go out and when I go again in options it’s not saved. Maybe thats why it’s so dark?

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I have the same Issue and I still cant fix it :confused:

If you have nvidia card you could try tweaking contrast in nvidia control panel.Or you can experiment with xgamma -gamma 0.8 or xgamma -gamma 1.5 .

Hi I know it’s a bit of a delay from your post, but I saw the same issue with Starcraft Remastered, it seems like turning on Virtual Desktop solved the issue (it’s not ideal or nice but seems to do the work)

P.S for me using plain Wine produces the same affect as having Virtual Desktop from a brightness / smoothness of the picture, not sure why in Lutris things seems off