War Thunder Vulkan backend

So now you can play this game with vulkan
here are the steps to enable it


I can add a script to lutris , allready started a launcher script


Only problem is I dont have the game xD nor the bandwidth or diskspace to download it .

  1. If someone else want to do it its cool
  2. Or if someone has the game can you go to the game directory and list me all files and subdir so I can finish the script. And I need to know if you used steam or stanalone installer .

Here’s the output of tree from my steam installation of war thunder: http://dpaste.com/2MBDF7D

The game is free btw, although that doesn’t solve the diskspace or bandwidth limitations :smiley:

hi, thanks for your help :slight_smile:
turn out its just hard without any output xD
I made the fixes for the script in github but meh not sure of anything :sweat_smile: