Vulkan-Wine 3.3 and all it means!

Hi there,

I just want to ask, if someone managed to play some Games with this new version of wine (within Lutris).

I was pretty successful with Elder Scrolls Online (Hell YAY it works great!) and Skyrim.

But I fail with the Witcher 3 and World of Warcraft. In some Youtube Videos it looks that atleast TW3 should be workable.

I would be very thankful if someone could point me to some hints on what to do to make TW3 running in linux with DX over Vulkan (normal Staging is working btw.)


That’s because the vulkan implementation in that version is just partial. What you can do is install the experimental wine version and copy-paste the vulkan.dll files into vulkan-3.3 as a workaround until Strider fixes it.

  1. Open: ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/vulkan-3.3-x86_64/lib64/wine and fakedlls
  2. Rename winevulkan.dll and to winevulkan.dll.bak and
  3. Open: ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/7be8beab68-experimental-3.2-x86_64/lib64/wine and fakedlls
  4. Copy: vulkan.dll and
  5. Paste the's into the wine folder and dlls into the fakedlls folder.

I was just (trying to) reading about this yesterday, but I couldn’t get a clear answer out of what I was reading. Does this DX over Vulkan convert DirectX to Vulkan coding on the fly to get more of a ‘native’ run from games on Linux? Sorry to bogart your thread, I just figured I’d ask since there’s 2 experienced people in this already.

Basically yeah. Normally wine translates DirectX calls to OpenGL but DXVK does that with Vulkan.

Thats right.

Addiotionally, if you get managed to start a game right, it performes very good!

Absolute noob here. So the process is to install the vulkan 3.3 from lutris and then replace the dlls? And that’s it? How can you set those enviromental variables for the HUD and that?

Jeez… I just hope this gets easier because I really want to test it out.

Via Lutris I got 2 games running using DXVK. The Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim.
Without Lutris I can Play The Witcher 3 and Seven Days long gone using DXVK with a own version of Wine-Vulkan.

I doubt this is not it. You will need to install the DXVK pakages as well. I´m using Arch Linux and found it in the AUR. If You you don´t get this pakage, you will need to compile it from source. This depends on your distribution. And this means the funny part is over. Compiling this pakage is some kind of … I don´t like it xD

After you have installed this pakage, you set up a new WineBottle (lutris installscript). Then download and install the Vulkan SDK for Windows and install them into the new and ready setup prefix. Then switch to the Wine-Vulkan version and add the Environment Variable: “DXVK_HUD = 1” . You will find this in System Options.

I recorded the games, using DXVK. If you want you can see the results here:

since when does arch run crossoverMac? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I missed the right english words.
It´s been a long time since I´ve written in english :sweat_smile:

was just funny because the mac thingie actually calls a wineprefix a “bottle” :smiley:

but another question: can you actually notice any differences? like one being much more stable or better performing or both?
my uneducated guess would be “vulkan is faster but only if it works because winevulkan is new”?

would be really interesting to see some experiences before i go ahead and destroy all my wineprefixes just to check it out and then notice it doesn’t work for most games or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

To tell You if one is more stable then the other, I would need more testings. I´ve seen no Crash at all and the Witcher 3 is playable, what wasnt the case before. So I guess DXVK is very promissing.

I would say, those games running with Wine-Vulkan do not have many grafical Bugs and they do perform better than any other Wine Versions. But I didn´t see Wine with Gallium Nine for a long time (sold my AMD 4 years ago).

So I managed to get 4 games running, but testet about 25. So its not that much. A absolutely necessary dependency is that the games runs DX11 or it will not work.

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ok that sounds very promising, at least for dx11 games.

Just wanted to mention, DXVK is one approach anotherone is PBA patched wine.
In PBA I can play Battlenet games pretty good. Atleast Diablo3, Heroes and WoW.