Vulkan 32vs64bit

apperently i need to install both the 32 and 64 bit vulkan but when i do that i get a interference message in my terminal that i cant have both at the same time
If anyone can help i will post some screenshot.
Thanks in advance!

Which flavor of Linux are you using?
Could you please share your install commands?

Hi thanks for wanting to help me but I resolved the problem indirectly yesterday. The linux i was using is debian (i think wheezy), Now i installed Voyager a verion of xubunty were everything was preinstalled so no problems. It could be interesting for other people to still try to resolve the problem on debian.

Well my new problem right now are this lines i get when running ‘‘sudo apt-get update’’
‘‘W: Impossible de récupérer Échec de la connexion [IP : 80]
W: Le téléchargement de quelques fichiers d’index a échoué, ils ont été ignorés, ou les anciens ont été utilisés à la place.’’

Late reply, I know. But that’s just a connection failed message. The link points to a repo file with a pgp signature to verify the repo. You probably fixed this already.

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