I’ve tried to do research online and I struggle to find any information about VR on Linux and more importantly, wine and proton.

The main way to game on Linux today is through dxvk/vulkan which in away is windows gaming.

So I’m curious if any VR headsets work in any edition of wine or steams proton?

I’m running amd 2700 and rx vega 56

And wondering if the oculus rift s will work in either lutris with dxvk for gog game or in steamplay?

If any other VR headsets work I’d like to know just for the knowledge, though I have not interest in them as quality of the tech isn’t good enough for my preferences.

Any info from someone with experience or awareness of VR situation in wine/steamplay would be awesome.

This is a bit of an old thread but the HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Valve Index all support VR through SteamVR and setup should be the same as Windows.

Oculus do not support Linux. I have a Rift CV1 and even though SteamVR pops up acknowledging the headset I cannot set it up.

thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face: