Viva Pinata Missing (Black) Textures Glitch

Hello. I’ve been trying to get Viva Pinata working on Linux via Lutris, and I have managed to get it runnning. However, it seems that some of the textures are not loading properly. I’m running EndeavourOS, kernel 5.13.12-xanmod1-1, with an Athlon 3000GE and 8GB of RAM. I’m using the 6.15-staging wine version, but switching versions doesn’t seem to make any difference (as well as playing around with Gallium Nine/DXVK). Anybody know what might be the issue? Thank you!

lutris --submit-issue .json: lutris --submit-issue -
lutris -d log: lutris -d log -

I’d like to upload a YouTube link of the game running but apparently I’m only allowed to upload two links at a time :confused:

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