Visual Studio/Lutris Script/Logs

I’ve been using and learning Lutris for awhile. I really enjoy Lutris even more so then steam proton which ultimately seems very unnecessary, but I want to understand how you determine where to go when a game doesn’t launch.
90% of the time it seems you just need to install an edition or two of visual studio using winetricks, but when I look at the logs to games that fail to launch, nothing really indicates what needs to be installed.
What are some tips on how to identity issue’s?
I’m also a bit frustrated with steam prefix because the game executable isn’t located in the pfx this cause’s problems when adding other programs to the prefix.
With GOG games I can easily install cheat engine in the prefix folder and cheat engine identifies the game executable, but with proton it seems no matter where I install cheat engine it can’t find the game executable.
I’m not one for piracy and I can in fact say I’ve paid for every game I’ve played, but I noticed that with wine/dxvk it’s about a 99% chance a torrented game will work without any configuration.
That’s because people that package torrented games supply all the VC, directX etc. that you would need to get the game running so they’re installers just do all the work for you in a single install.
Lastly I want to mention that a chunk of lutris installers for gog games don’t work, I’ve been installing all my GOG games manually, but when I ran into one that failed, I would try reinstalling with a Lutris install script, but the game wouldn’t run because the one who posted the install script did no more then I did so the result was the same.
I don’t expect anyone to explain to me how to write an install script, but if anyone has a link to some good tutorials on writing Lutris install scripts I would greatly enjoy. I’d really like to keep adding GOG games to lutris. A ton of the games I’ve tested work out of the box with dxvk.