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Villagers and Heroes Standalone Client

Hello everyone,
I am looking around for a way to install Villagers and Heroes on Linux so I can sync it to the mobile version. It can be installed fine in Steam but that version is separate from the standalone & mobile client. I expected to fine an installer in Lutris since the game is so old but was amazed when I didn’t.

I do not know anything about setting up installer scripts, is there someone that can set one up? I did try to install the PC client using Wine and it seemed to work except that the updating bar in the launcher never gets past 0%. It just sits there until I close it.

Edit: I did find an installer on PlayonLinux (Villagers & Heroes) that seems to work, not sure if that can be converted to Lutris or if I should just stick with using PlayonLinux in addition to Lutris.

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