Vice emu help

i can’t get the vice emu to work
when start it’s drops kernal , i belive is the command -sdl2renderer that kill it
i have also disable lutis runtime
and it do not work from command line ether

but i have compild Vice emu, and from command line it woks, i then try copy the x64 to lutis but it dit nok work getting the -sdl2renderer error

way not make it possibsl in lutris to add emu ? becurs i also had to compile pcsx2 to get it to work

Manjaro XFCE Edition (17.1.10) Arch Linux

got it woking using my owen x64 and i have to remove this line in
if self.runner_config.get(‘renderer’):

    if not self.runner_config.get('aspect_ratio', True):

recompild vice-sdl2 and copy the x64 fil to lutis, now it woks with orginal