Very confusing behaviour on winesteam install

Very new to Lutris, decided to try using it to install Steam on Wine.

Installing Winesteam with default configuration seems to finish, but hitting “run” produces precisely no results, not even output after starting lutris via terminal.
Deleted the “winesteam” directory in the “runners” folder, and tried to re-install with various different versions of Wine. It downloads the default version (staging 3.7 64bit) on install regardless of what I tell it to use in the configuration window, then finishes installing and produces the same (lack of) results. Changing the Wine version from Winesteam configuration after installation does nothing to help either.

Completely out of ideas at this point, this is all very bizarre.

Here’s some system info in case it helps:
OS: Solus
CPU: Intel i7-2600K
GPU: Geforce GTX 460 (proprietary driver version 390.48)

Ok, now I’m even more confused. Through some christmas miracle Steam launched after setting Wine version to staging-2.21 32bit (didn’t work with this before). Wine throws out a couple “Steamwebhelper.exe has stopped working” errors, but the software itself seems to be functional. After shutting Steam down I got booted out of my session on the OS itself. Logged back in, started Lutris and Steam again, and couldn’t reproduce the issue.

I guess this can be considered resolved, although I really didn’t learn what was causing any of the problems at all. I’m putting it down to computers being made of black magic for now.