VC++ runtime error when installing Battlefield 1


Fairly new to Lutris but I think I’ve got a bit of it figured out. Anyway the problem comes when installing battlefield after downloading it in Origin. I’ve tried both copying a windows installation and downloading it all and both fail after it’s finished downloading with this error:

Error: The VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (16389)

There is a post here relating to this error but that person just says that a redownload of the game solved it.
I’ve tried rightclicking on BF1 and using winetricks but after choosing for example VC 2013 and pressing ok the emulated desktop appears and the disappears after like a second. That’s it. I’ve no clue if it actually installed it or not.

Make sure “Disable Lutris runtime” is unchecked in the game’s system options tab or else download will fail.

I’ll add a note about vcrun failing due to that but this is why we ask you to do this.

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Oh it says UNchecked! I thought it said checked for some reason…
It seems to work and it asked me to restart so I did. After that the play button was greyed out and never became orange. So I tried repairing it and now it’s stuck at 22% and I can’t even press this button.

EDIT: I’ve cancelled the repair and then restarted the client and it’s now dowloading 54Gb of the game again. It’s finished downloading and now it works! Now to test and see how the performance is.

At the moment I have horrible fps, sound distortion and in-game I can’t even look around. It jerks my mouse movements around really strangely. Do you have any tips on where I could start to look into these issues?

Are you or are you not using a virtual desktop? Try enabling Pulse Latency in System options for audio.

Right-click BF1 in your Lutris library > Configure > System options tab > Check Show advanced options > scroll down to “Enable Pulse Latency” and tick it on

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I tried both with virtual desktop and without. The Pulse Latency seemed to do the trick to fix the audio issues. I’ve uninstalled for now and will probably try again in a month or so. Overwatch works like a charm though and that’s just amazing to me. A few months back I’d thought that would be almost impossible.

Thanks for your help!

Well whenever you do reinstall it please test it with esync-ffxiv-3.15. It’s supposed to have some fixes for mouse issues.

I already changed the script to use that.