VC++ runtime error on Dragon Age Inquisition

Hello there,

I’m trying to install Dragon Age Inquisition through Origin, but every time it shows the message (i’ll try to translate):
“Error: that was not possible to install the package of redistributable components of runtime VC++. The instalation could not proceed (1603)”

I tried some solutions I had found here and in other foruns, but still no joy.

Would you please help me?

I am also having the same error with Dragon Age II and Mass Effect on Origin, so I guess it’s something the platform needs.

I have been able to change the error code by trying different VC runtime versions in wine-tricks, and selecting “Use system winetricks” in Configure Origin, but still haven’t been able to solve this.

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I had the same error (1603) used wine ‘lutris-6.0-rc1-x86_64(default)’ as runner at first. but i changed that to ‘lutris-5.21-x86_64’ and it immediately launched. I hope this help someone other than me!

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