Utility programs

Can I add 8bitdo ultimate software to lutris? It’s not a game, but it is gaming-related program that allows to configure gamepads.

When a tool is not in the library, you can add it manually by using the button with the plus sign and then by selecting Add game.

You’ll get the same dialog as you see when opening the options of an installed program/game but with all options deselected. There you have to configure everything manually.

I’m asking a permission to publish an installer for the tool on a site, not to add it manually on my PC.

Asking permission? That’s new. Normally when you search for the app and can’t find it a link is displayed inviting you to submit it.

In a healthy open source community there is no such thing as ownership. Everyone can contribute. There are moderators of course of they only check if everything is correct so users get the best experience.