Using Lutris-7.x wine suddenly stopped working

I made previously post about not being able to install and well the issue is bigger than I though.
Now anything that uses Lutris-7 or higher and even the GE version completely doesn’t work. I tried now to install League of Legends which uses Lutris-GE-LOL-7.0-2 and very similar thing happened: the installer just suddenly exited in middle of downloading and the last thing the log provides is Initial process has exited (return code: 0).
Also I managed to install by just copying the installed files from my Windows instance and I can’t launch it using any of Wine-7.x versions, I need to use the 6.x versions and few days ago I could launch both of them using the newer wine versions.

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Suggest starting out by providing information as asked for at the top of the forum.

There are so many things not said, like if all the games that don’t work anymore
are in the same wine prefix or not. Pretty much impossible to help with so
little information and what you have or have not tried.

Try to make 2 new Wine folders 1 64bit and 1 32bit and install it into both and see if that change anything also make sure you don’t have 2 version of Wine install since they can fuck with each other also make sure you dont use any other command then pur Wine no Proton nothing to make sure its not the wine that the problem i use Wine 7.10 and i have no problem with battlenet so its something on your PC that is fucked.