Using custom wine build

Hello there, Im trying to use lutris with a custom build of wine I compiled myself that is not installed on the system, but it is sitting inside my home directory in a folder.

Is there any way to point Lutris to use this version of wine?

Yes, in the game’s preferences, runner tab, you can change the version of Wine and set it to custom. Then set the path to the custom wine executable and you’re all good to go!

Any way to do this directly using lutris config files? Happens that I do not have wine installed globally in the system, and lutris does not launch

This is super old, but lutris doesn’t need wine to run, lutris is a linux application. If lutris doesn’t launch at all, it has nothing to do with you not having wine installed globally. Something is wrong with your lutris installation.

Yes, I know, what I needed to do was to add a Wine version I compiled myself as a runner