Use IBM x201 to play wow classic

I can play wow classic (TCB) on windows 10 via x201.
But I always get the message
“Your 3D accelerator card is not supported by World of Warcraft. please install a 3D accelerator card with dual-TMU support.”
when play wow classic (TCB) on manjaro via x201.

I have turned off
D3D Extras

what can I do?

How did you install it? Did you use the install script?

I logined in Lutirs’ web
and came

then pressed the button Install of this page and followed instructions.

There is a comment there, I don’t know if you noticed that:

Read: Game: World-of-Warcraft before trying to install World of Warcraft. And install the needed dependencies for Wine into your system. Also, make sure you have Vulkan set up correctly.

Please confirm you did completed that part, I must admit that the Vulkan set up is not too clear.
Do your gpu drivers support Vulkan on Linux?

x201 has no Vulkan.

Well that would be the reason it doesn’t work, dxvk is used to change DirectX calls to Vulkan calls. When you disable dxvk you basically remove the GPU support.

As far as, I know there is no work around for this.

Thank you for reply.
I have another PC that ATI Radeon HD 5830 inside.
It can play wow classic well via wine on Arch.
ATI Radeon HD 5830 has no Vulkan.

So I try to use X201 play wow classic via wine on Arch.

Maybe check the installed packages?

pacman -Q

Different drivers for sure but maybe something is missing in your x201 also, you could copy the whole wine prefix from the working one

Do you need DXVK to play WoW Classic? (I don’t play those games)

Have you tried disabling DXVK for the game? (thus, using the old method of wine translation to OpenGL. It’s still maintained)

A quick search shows that WoW Classic can be configured to use DirectX 9, also, which may work better with WineD3D