Hello dear community I have a question. Is it possible under Lutris synonymous programs like Serato and Itunes to run with USB control of the hardware? Because then I could leave Windows altogether
Best regards dat strubbel

I’m… confused. What’s a “Lutris synonymous program”? What’s “USB control of the hardware”?

If you’re talking about running Windows software on Linux… Well, first of all, it was my impression that Lutris is intended specifically for games; what you need for software in general is Wine (which is what Lutris uses to run Windows games anyway). Even so, Wine doesn’t provide unsafe low-level hardware access to the programs you run with it (its creators reject the idea of consciously introducing security holes into the list of supported “features”); so allowing iTunes to detect and control iPhone via Wine – which is I’m guessing what you mean – is probably out of the question. Maybe there’s some chance if you run Windows in a virtual machine with direct passthrough to your USB (not sure if it’s possible), but it probably doesn’t count as “leaving Windows altogether”.

Overall, Apple has created an extremely proprietary and enclosed ecosystem (both software and hardware; to the point that I was genuinely surprised upon finding out there’s a Windows version of iTunes). So, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to make use of the hardware-related features of their software (like connecting over a closed protocol) while trying to run it from a system not “supported officially”. And there’s not going to be “official support” for Linux unless there’s a massive demand for it from their customers (which I suspect isn’t gonna happen anytime soon). So, your options here are to either skip your iDevices, give up on this feature, or find a different way to doing this (in your place I’d probably just keep dual-boot but only booted Windows for syncing iPhone or something).

they are right but Serato runs on Lutris with Wine but when I connect a controller in Serato Serato does not recognize this because in Wine no USB support is there. I was hoping that Lutris could help me as well as iTunes, but it’s not possible because of Wine and Linux, so no Apple format. However thank you for your help… :slight_smile: Sorry for my English

Well, there is some USB support in Wine… I know because I played a game in Wine (from 2004, I think?) and it supported my gamepad out of the box (even though I forgot to install the kernel driver for it back then :smiley:). And yes, several more recent games I run with Wine/Proton work just fine with a gamepad (at least after I fixed the self-disabling issue which is apparently a thing that happens to some xinput gamepads).
Maybe you can try using a different Wine or Serato version for that? There are cases when different versions have different results because reasons.
Alternatively, you can use a gamepad mapper (like antimicro or QJoyPad) to generate keystrokes when the game fails to detect a gamepad (or doesn’t support one in the first place). Actually, even if you won’t end up needing it, you can use such mapper to ensure the gamepad works correctly. …Speaking of which; unlike these mappers, most apps/games don’t rescan device list continuously, so they can only work with a gamepad if it had been connected since before the program started running (in Linux, at least).

Thank you for your help Now i must testing some different Versions of Serato…