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Uplay error


I tried the script to install uplay and it seemingly installed correctly. But when I launch it I get an error “Uplay has detected an error it can’t recover from and must shut down”

I have a gtx 1060, I have dxvk installed.


For me the same message popped up. Graphics card GTX 1060


so I found that I had to disable the process manager, let it run. Once you’ve logged in close uplay, and re-enable the process manager, and it seemed to work.

No idea why that works, but it seems to


I’m running into the same problem, but I don’t know, what this process manager shall be.

So, could you please describe, where I can find this process manager? (sorry, wine noob here :D)


“disable the process manager”

I have the same issue, and I want to pull my hair from head now…

I cannot find any other info on the internet about this problem but here. Could you please kindly explain to me what you mean by “disable the process manager” as I have no damn clue what that could mean. You mean disable process manager in wine, linux itself, lutris? No idea… Greatly apriciate any input.



Another person to the “what the hell does disabling the process manager means?”

is this something I do in Lutris ? In my system ?


Depends which version you have installed. The latest version removed that option for some reason.


Did you even bother to read this. Uplay error