Uplay don't run anymore

I have run uplay before, and now, don’t run, ¿is a problem of uplay or lutris? I’m waiting for the answer. Thnx.

Can you see something in the log?

Hi! tnhx for you help, no, the log don’t show anything, and in runtime show a popup message box what say “no file provided”

Can’t find the executable.

Are you trying to install it or is it already installed?

This thread is about the same message. Users reported that battle.net had the same issue. Turned out to be an URL which wasn’t responding.

This thread also deals with the problem and also has a workaround to manually download the installer and run it from within the prefix.

Hi! I made a mistake, I there were try to install directly with wine (# wine uplayinstall.exe), then I remember the main way to install is through Lutris web site and its scripts for made the life easy, Thnks for the reply.

P.D: Now runs fine.