Updating to a newer Runner

If there’s an update or modification to a runner of a currently installed game, what is the best way to update to that newer runner? I’ve been backing up the game directory, delete the old runner from Lutris, and install the newer one. But is there a simpler way of doing it?

the best way is to delete the game in lutris but not the file and do a new install.
exception is when u have cache i would sugest u to delete it

Maybe it depends on the type of runner. I just install the new runner and switch to it in the games settings. That way I can test whether the new runner really works and fall back if necessary. I never delete a working game installation since I can’t be sure that the Lutris install script is still in working order. Working install scripts have been replaced with dysfunctional ones in the past and it took time to repair.

I didn’t know you could have two runner’s for the same game. Wouldn’t it overwrite the older runner version if it’s from the same author?

This might be a misunderstanding. I was talking about whatever you get if you click the cogwheel next to “Runners” - this leads me to updating the wine version (or whatever “runner” I use). This means, to me “wine” is the “runner”. This can be changed back and forth in the lutris options for the specific game.

If you mean the lutris game installation I never update as long as the game is running ok. If I still wanted to test a change I would add the same game under a new name, so the old install doesn’t get overwritten. To be extra sure I would backup the old game directory.

Edit: I’m not sure what the official definition of “Runner” is. I think the Lutris UI is really confusing, even if in the end everything works very well.

I hear ya. I always think of the runner as the script you get from Lutris to install the game, wine, env var’s, dll overrides, etc… But sometimes I notice changes are made and just go through the new script to see. Other times I see it’s been updated and want to use that newer version without picking it apart. I tried alex37330 suggestion and didn’t have a problem with it.