Updating EA Origin

Sorry for posting two threads in a row but I didn’t think it made sense to put two problems with two different games in one thread.
I got the newest pack for Sims 4 (the jungle adventure one) but a mandatory udpate went out a little bit ago to Origin itself and whenever I try to install the update, origin crashes with a completely not-helpful error code on it (can’t even find what the problem is supposed to be in their database with it), 11,0 if you’re wondering, and the only way to even get into the game is to go in in offline mode in which I, obviously, cannot install the new pack. Does anyone have any idea how to get Origin to update without completely reinstalling (redownloading and installing is a bit of a strain on my internet bill)?

did you find an answer to this?

This is what I use, works great

awesome find, Thanks!!