Updating an Install or Wine Folder Navigation (Sims 4 related)

So, the most recent patch broke the Sims 4 installer. For a while the installer page said garbage status for the Origin version to reflect that. Now it says gold and, I would guess that is because in the previous thread about it (Sims 4 Nov 13 Update Issues) contained a link to the WINE bug associated and someone was working on a fix for it which is currently available on GitHub.
Mine is still not working though so I’m thinking the installer hasn’t been updated to reflect the change? And it’s not showing up in mine because the wine version hasn’t been updated with the fix?
I’ve had a look at the available fix on GitHub and it looks, to me anyway, like a whole wine folder but I don’t know enough about WINE to be sure how to install it for the wine version of the prefix my sims is in. I know you can set the WINE version to custom and select a custom executable but I’m not sure what in the folder would be the custom executable. Do I need to run through the ./make and such listed in the information on the GitHub page despite having other versions installed?
I don’t know. I’ve hit the end of my knowledge here but my sister keeps asking me if its fixed yet and I hate telling her it might be and that I don’t know what to do to make it work.