Updated Installer: Star Wars Empire at War Gold GOG edition


Made a small change to the installer of Star Wars Empire at War Gold GOG edition.

Changed the following Winetrick:
directx9 -> d3dx9

It should now run out of the box.

The reason I’m posting this here:

  • There is absolutely no infrastructure for letting people know a script was updated. Many uses will have a ‘bad’ experience when the game installer doesn’t work and simply abandon it. Or worse: go back to Windows. And when the script changes there is no way of informing people of the change;
  • Logging. The profile on the Lutris site doesn’t list changes or new submissions. This area remains empty. So by mentioning it here I have a place where I can lookup my administration.

Hello again @tfk,
could you fix this:

1°) this line:

exe: drive_c/GOG Games/Star Wars - Empire At War Gold/Launch Star Wars - Empire At

should be located in “game” section

2°) you should create a WIne prefix before all operation needing a wineprefix in “installer” section.

- installer:
      arch: win32
      name: create_prefix
      prefix: $GAMEDIR

Tell me when you rectified this by chat or here and I will validate your script.

Must have had my eyes shut when I submitted it.

edit: Ow! No I didn’t have my eyes closed. I just opened the existing script and changed directx9 for d3dx9. Which was the change needed to make it run flawlessly.

Thanks for the heads up. Good to know there is a active community around installers.