Update the Debian install instructions

Hey all,

The Debian install instructions on the lutris download page recommend adding repos from the openSUSE Build Service to install Lutris. However, Lutris is now available through Debian’s contrib repo. It would be easier and cleaner to simply add contrib rather than adding a 3rd party repo from openSUSE. Also, I believe in the Debian community it is considered gauche to add 3rd party repos in any case.

This page on the Debian wiki describes how to add sources. This can either be done by editing /etc/apt/sources.list and adding contrib to the end of each line. Alternatively, one can use the Software & Updates gui and simply click the checkmark next to contrib. Then it’s as simple as:

apt update
apt install lutris

Could the Lutris download page be updated to reflect this?



I second that motion!