Update of Lutris 4.21 DXVK ERROR

Operating System - Fedora 28
All of the games using Vulkan DXVK were running fine but now after updating to recent update Lutris 4.21 It gives me an error that DXVK Vulkan Loaders not found ?? They were running before all the dependencies of DXVK were installed and was able to run on Vulkan in version 4.20 also i can’t downgrade because older packages are not provided in the Repository.

I do request the Lutris community to at-least provide previous packages in the repository in the future if they don’t want us to suffer because of the poor testing

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Hi Jatin,

you can mark the checkbox at the error message so lutris ignores the error and starts the game anyway.
This is a known bug and will be fixed with the next release I think.

And Lutris is getting tested before it is getting released, this bug doesn’t effect all distributions.

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No it still wont let you, u would then have to switch on esync and set up esync :frowning: if the issue will be fized in next release they should atleast provide previous versions of lutris in the repository so that incase of any bug we can switch.

And also on which distros is this working and not, for example on fedora its not working, recommend me a distro where lutris is tested so that i can switch to that Distro.

What happens when you checked the mark to start anyway? You get the same error message, or just nothing happens and the game doesn’t start? And what game did you try? Many people reported that after checking the mark it just works again, and that’s the bug - Lutris doesn’t see Vulkan on some distros, but checking the mark skips the vulkan test.

And it is working on Arch for Example.

Its working now after I did some changes Disable and enable Esync, I increased open file size limit and changed Vulkan Version 0.81 to 0.9 to the latest and also the checked the check mark to not display the error Dialog Box and now its working without any errors. Thanks for the Help :slight_smile: But still for the future that there are bugs so its important to give previous version of the software in the repo and Lutris does that only for Mageia I think they do have different Version RPMs still available for them only not for other rpm based or other deb based systems.

No problem :slight_smile: