Update Installations

From a post made earlier today about 0AD I started thinking what is the process of updating a game that requires and updated engine/version? I am reffering games/engines like 0AD, OpenRA, OpenMW, etc. Should they just be reinstalled manually and it will override the existing installation when a new version is out? Are there notifications for the update? Maybe an installer update mechanism with installer versions/timestamps would be a good idea. Maybe this mechanism exists but I am not aware of it. I started using Lutris recently and so far I like where it is going and some quality of life features would make it really great. The way I see it for games such as OpenMW it is better to install through the distro’s package manager in order to keep it updated and just add it manually as a native game to Lutris.

We will eventually address that in the future.

There are 2 different things I’d like to do, first one is, as you’ve noted, give a notification when a new version of an installer is out and suggest to reinstall.

Next feature I’d like to implement is to offer incremental upgrades for games. For example, we run a diff between 0AD alpha 21 and alpha 22 and provide an archive containing just the changes between 2 versions.
The 2nd task will require a bit more work but it should still be possible.

Sounds good. Yes the second is considerably more work as it is essentially a full update mechanism. The first one however provides a good solution with much less effort.

Yeah, we should be able to ship that feature fairly quickly.