Unstable fps on overwatch

I’m getting 100-160 fps on training range and 40-120 on normal games. A lot of lag and stuttering. I used a monitoring software and saw that my cpu and gpu usage never go higher than 80%. I’m using this video’s configs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P0iRNOlpeo. cpu: i5 7300 hq gpu: gtx 1050.

What helped me was switching to compton compositor (for windows effect like shadows and opacity), leaving vsync off (all games I installed run better without it, this, StarCraft 2, battlefield bad company 2, 3-4-1) and with nvidia settings checking one or both of the composition pipeline checkboxes in x server display configuration > advanced. Hope that can help!

Also the first few minutes will be more unstable as it builds the shader cache, so I went into the training map and played for a couple minutes there to help.

Oh I also switched offscreen rendering mode in lutris to backbuffer, it seems to help too.