UnrealED3.0 issue for Map editor for Unreal Tournament 2004

Hi everyone. I have issues on running the game editors (UnrealED3.0) for UT2004 (I have both Steam and GOG running in LinuxMint19). The editors can start, however the issues seems to be:
1.) Middle mouse button seems to be mishandling or with no response (which is one key component for editing unreal maps)
2.) cannot click onto Polygons to edit
3.) Menu cannot be open on all four view ports, you therefore cannot add actors to the subtracted world
4.) when loading existing maps, it cannot click on the actors for editing
5.) Cannot click and change polygons surface textures

Is there a solution out there?
I had tried to run the editor from Steam and GOG wineprefix, which provided the similar results.

Winehq rated the editor Bronze.

Many thanks.