[Unreal Tournamnet][GOG] libiconv

I installed Unreal Tournamnent on old system, but (unfortunately) I must reinstall system (do not smile loudly).
So, currently I do not have libiconv and cannot found it. I try to reinstall via Lutris, but installer exits. What can I do? I try to compile libiconv for myself, but I have trouble with 32-bit compilation. Some files are compiled in 32-bit mode, but some are compiled in 64-bit mode. Broken autogen script?

Thanks for help.

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I solve some problems. I download oldunreal files from github/gitlab (do not rememeber) and copy these files into installation directory. Next, I set path to old script, which ran game as exe (in game config), select cli mode and konsole as terminal emulator. No, everything seems to work, but I cannot found my game saves. Where it was written?

I rediscovered, that saves are in $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/GOG Games/Unreal Tournament: GOTY/System/User.ini
I restored some progress, but not whole - probably I removed save games by mistake :frowning: .