Unreal Tournament GOTY (Steam) Binary/Cache file permission

For Ubuntu 17.04, I cant install the UT-GOTY Linux Binary.

  1. Go to “Install (add) another version” (I currently have it installed & working under WineSteam).
  2. Select Binaries (linux)

The two files are downloaded but can not be “found”.
This is the relevant terminal-output:

INFO     2017-11-20 10:03:51,467 [interpreter]:Downloading file 1 of 2
INFO     2017-11-20 10:03:57,212 [interpreter]:Downloading file 2 of 2
ERROR    2017-11-20 10:04:00,340 [errors]:Unable to find executable /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.runNone
ERROR    2017-11-20 10:04:00,341 [jobs]:Error while completing task <bound method CommandsMixin.execute of <lutris.installer.interpreter.ScriptInterpreter object at 0x7f62b5cbff28>>: Unable to find executable /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run
<class 'lutris.installer.errors.ScriptingError'> Unable to find executable /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run
  File "/home/takkun/Downloads/lutris-master/lutris/util/jobs.py", line 29, in target
    result = self.function(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/takkun/Downloads/lutris-master/lutris/installer/commands.py", line 107, in execute
    raise ScriptingError("Unable to find executable %s" % file_ref)

INFO     2017-11-20 10:06:37,671 [lutriswindow]:Installing None

The files are exactly where this script expects! I copied/pasted the file-path to another terminal:

takkun@takkun-EP45-UD3R:~/Downloads/lutris-master$ /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run
bash: /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run: Permission denied

Because I’m running lutrus, I suspect the script also does not have permission to execute the file. If so, I would think that every installer that performs a download in this way would also be affected.

If I manually give permissions and execute it, it will run (the lutris-installer script would overwrite the files).

takkun@takkun-EP45-UD3R:~/Downloads/lutris-master$ chmod 755 /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run
takkun@takkun-EP45-UD3R:~/Downloads/lutris-master$ /home/takkun/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.runVerifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Unreal Tournament 436-multilanguage.goty Installer....................................................................................
...omitted error from binary run file...

I do get a new error that I’ve omitted. That is in the binary-itself and unrelated - not lutris.

I have fixed the installer, but the game currently doesn’t run. Segmentation fault. I’m looking in to it at the moment but I’m not confident I can get it running.

Update: The game doesn’t run on OpenGL on some systems. Editing the ~/.loki/ut/System/UnrealTournament.ini file to change to software renderer solves the problem


If there is no audio, also change that to a generic driver


Then start the game from the $GAMEDIR/System using “padsp ./ut-bin”