Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition

Hi all - I have UT GOTY installed on my Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 LTS gaming desktop and gaming laptop.
I am using the Linux Native binary. This is the GOG version of the game and here is the link to the instructions I follow when installing the game. UT 99 GOTY Edition - Easy Setup

The game works flawlessly. I play this game quite often with my family and we are all on Linux.

When any of us attempt to add the shortcut to Lutris, the game runs with issues when running it from Lutris. Instead of launching into the intro or desktop (some of us have intro disabled) the screen is pitch black. The game takes way too long to load. From my shortcut in the main menu or on our desktop the game opens up instantly. From Lutris it takes longer then 15 to 45 secs - Sometimes long on the HTPC. There is no sound also while in the game menu system. Once you go into a game - then the sound begins.