Unreal Tournament (1999) install script (GOG + Old Unreal Patches) not finding files - EndeavourOS

Fresh EndeavourOS install, Unreal Tourn (1999) Wine GOG + Oldunreal patches script fails when it gets to the installing oldunreal patches stage.

Interestingly, the during the gog wine installation its pop up is seen, indicating the /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES flag is being ignored.

Previously installing this script, the gog install popup was not seen.


lutris -d


What happens when you press on the cache button?

The default cache location is not ~/Downloads

You should set a specific Cache Path.

The cache folder select dialog box happens when you press cache, and then nothing after you choose one.

I should have been more clear - the error happens regardless of whether the script finds the files in the cache folder, or downloads them from the internet locations.

Sorry, I had not checked the log properly. It seems your 7z does not support the extension bz2.

Which is one of the package downloaded and since the package fails to extract then the .extract folder is never generated giving you that error.

Right now, I can’t give you a solution but now you know what is happening.

It seems 7zip should support bz2 (bzip2) by default.

It appears the script is requesting the format but this is just an optional request, I think you ca just remove the option.

For this go into the installer page on lutris.com and simply choose the installer and select the option edit installer, there look for the line

format: bz2

And just remove it.

Once done that select test script and cross your fingers.

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Interesting, I did see the archive error in the logs but didn’t think more of it after I checked that I did have p7zip installed.

Will check if editing the install script works after I get home from work later. Thanks for the help so far

Errors out at the same place in the script.

I’m on EndeavourOS, and it comes with the arch packages for p7zip and bzip2 preinstalled, so I don’t think it is the lack of the right packages installed on my system.

unfortunately this did not work for me
still getting same error, but not sure where actually in the script:
FileNotFoundError(2, ‘Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden’)

any other suggestion?

I ended up working around it by installing it on steam and using luxtorpeda. Some graphical glitches in the menus, but the game is fine.

What is odd, even flatpaked lutris have the same problem.