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Unreal Tournament (1999) - "binaries" and "Steam" version broken


Both report “/home/user/.cache/lutris/installer/unreal-tournament/tmp/ut-bin/data.tar.gz does not exists” after loading the patches. The game is installed on Steam already, in “/mnt/hdd/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Unreal Tournament/” location. What to I do to unfuck the script?


I had the same issue installing UT99.
Just apt for the Steam Beta program and it should let you install and run in no problem through Proton.


Meaning Lutris is a total bullshit. I could do the same with Wine, but instead spent more time debugging the issue than playing.


@ivdok: Than I suggest you go fix the install script. That’s what Lutris is for :wink: