Unreal Engine Editor crashes after launching in Epic Games Launcher

Every time I try to launch Unreal Engine from the Epic Games Store, it takes a while to load the prerequisites and after that Unreal loads but immediately crashes and sends me back to the Epic Launcher. any idea of why this happens?

I’m using Lutris-5.7-8-x86_64 as the wine version, DXVK/VKD3D, Esync, and Windowed virtual desktop are enabled, Prefix architecture is set to 64-bit
pc specs:
OS: Pop!_os 20.04
CPU: Intel i7-7700
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070S

Are you talking about a UE4 game or the engine/editor? You can’t just say engine, its either a game or the engine/editor.

If you’re talking about the Engine you can actually build it for Linux and also have better performance.

Apologies for not clarifying, its the Editor

I have it built for Linux already, reason why I want to use the Windows version is so that I can have access to the Marketplace and Plugins for it, is there a way I can get the Plugins for the Windows version and transfer them over the Linux build?